North Shore Renegades


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2012 Pailolo Race

Malama's Birthday Party video (created by Mark)

Photos: Mini Master Blaster 2011

Renegades Sail Canoe Adventure
More Photos of the Renegade Sail Canoe Adventure

Races we may do:

Hana - May 14-15, 2011

Who's Who

Coaches: Malama & Karen
Team Crossfit Coach: Allison
Trailer Fixer and Artist: Brett
Koa Tree Planters: Keahi & Luke
Team Ethnobiologist: Art
Puerto Rican Dancing King: Miguel
Team Chefs: Brandon & Chris
Wave Rider: Tammy
Team Surfer: Gayle
Montreal Outreach: Stephane
Party Entertainer: Carlo
Team Videographers: Mark, Johann, Owen
Team Dog: Niho

The Renegades are a group of friends who paddle together for the love of the wa'a, ocean and 'aina. We are dedicated to perpetuating Hawaiian culture and rights.

See Slideshow of Renegades putting on the 2008 Red, White and Blue Candidates Race for the Sierra Club.
North Shore Renegades at Kanaha


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Thunder means practice is canceled.

Wed & Fri Evening 4:45 pm (It's ok to come late, wave your paddle from the beach and we'll pick you up.)
Call Karen if you want to schedule another practice
Sunday Morning 8am Long and hard for tough paddlers

If it is raining or really ugly weather call Karen to check if practice is still on.


1. Have fun
2. Be nice
3. Be willing to sit any seat
4. Be coachable
5. Paddle Hard!
6. Do not recruit for other clubs
7. Be in excellent athletic condition

Renegade Paddlers please: with your name and phone number. That way, you'll be in the loop for plan changes etc

Are you in great shape, tough, strong, fun-loving and athletic? Whether you can already paddle or not, if you have determination and muscles come out and see if you like paddling with us. We're the "unclub". We don't do regatta and (unless you've committed to do a long distance race with us), we don't pressure you to be at every practice. You show up when you want. You don't show up when you don't want.

We are not a "recreational" club. We are serious about paddling hard and expect everyone to pull their weight. This is an athletic, demanding experience. We just eliminate the pressure and personalities that make people nuts at regatta clubs. We do expect everyone to get along in a fun and tolerant way so there is an initial try-out period where you can see if you like being with us and we can see if you'll be a good fit with our hui. We expect traditional protocol in the canoe and cooperation with the coaches, Karen & Malama.